Thursday, April 30, 2009

Even More Random Thoghts

- How come the fairy god mother in Cinderella turned the mice into horses and the horse into a man? Why not just leave the horse as a horse? Wouldn't that have saved a step?

- Speaking of Cinderella, why did the talking, dancing, clothes wearing mice get turned into non-talking, naked, horses that can only walk in a straight line? That's a demotion if you ask me.

- I saw a license plate the other day that said "Tax." Having a license plate like that is a good way to get your head lights busted out and your car keyed.

- If you drink two pints of water in a water drinking contest with your sister and then take a 30 minute trip in your car, you will be in a tremendous amount of pain and you will pray to God for the sweat taste of death.

- If all girls are princesses than that's not really much of a title now is it?

- Did I mention that my new stupid goal is to drink an entire pitcher of water without taking a breath in less than 30 seconds.

- At work the other day we had a customer that was really rude to our CSR. The next time he came in we discovered that he was a pastor and I found myself uttering the words, "What kind of Christian is he?" The lesson here, Christians shouldn't act like jerks.

- In Cincinnati pigs fly, in Ohio Swine flue. (Clever huh?)

- I heard the list of things to do in order to prevent getting the swine flue.
1) Wash your hands.
2) Cover your mouth when you sneeze
3) Don't go to work if your sick
4) Don't kiss Mexican pigs

- Have you ever closed your eyes and then wondered which direction your eyeballs were facing? That's kept me awake before. I just can't stand the thought of my eyes rolled back in my head while I'm sleeping.


Unknown said...

I can drink that much without stopping for breath.

Not Too Old said...

I wonder about where those eyelashes go when you feel them in your eye but you can't find them to get them out - do they move in the back of your eyeballs to hide?

Michael Sharp said...

I'd love to hear the rationale for the pitcher of water goal. Do tell.

DanThoms said...

I saw a guy on youtube down a pitcher in 3 seconds and I wanted to try it. No good reason. I ate an entire watermelon in one hour last year so I needed a new goal.

My name is Cait said...

I agree with that whole 'All girls are princesses thing'... I feel gypped.