Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who does your Shopping?

So who does your shopping? After I was finished shopping tonight I looked at my cart and discovered something. I don't shop. The 5 year old that lives inside of me shops. What in the world? I bought cookies, cheeze its, cheetos, lemonade cups, sherbet, 9 things of ice cream, 4 cakes, and 5 microwave meals. Oh, and I bought cheese, bread and a pineapple. Those are adult items to buy, right?

Here are some bonus pictures of a sandwich that I made last week.

Here is half of that sandwich in front of my face.


Francy said...

Dan, I think you got some tomatoes on your sandwich by accident!

sledgeforchrist said...

I saw some Nature Valley granola bars in that pile. At least you have some spec of nutrition in your body.

Not Too Old said...

You shop like my husband! He "window shops" at the grocery store, and if he doesn't have a list, he gets very little groceries that could actually be called food.

elektra said...

oh my god. that is amazing.
lemonade cups are my favorite!!!!

melanie said...

I know why you got all those ice creams and lemonade cups - $5 off at Kroger!