Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top 10 Wii Games that were NEVER Produced

10)Wii Amish Crossing - This game was created to be similar to Animal Crossing the main difference being there is no where to go and nothing to do.
9)Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals - This concept had two main downfalls. a. You cooked for 30 minutes and had nothing to show for it and b. it was Rachael Ray.
8)Mario Factory - Live the life of a Chinese assembly line worker. Just remember, if you get caught using led in the toys you lose points.
7)Grand Theft Embezzlement - This was hailed to be the white collar version of its popular sister game, Grand Theft Auto. The main difference being you sit at a desk all day doctoring numbers and there are no pimps or hoes.
6)Wii Cult - Have you ever wanted to start your own religion? Well here's your chance without the lingering threat of eternal damnation. Start off as a science fiction writer and work your way up to Hollywood cult leader.
5)Wii Fit Synchronized Swimming - Unfortunately early marketing surveys showed that most peoples living rooms were not large enough to accommodate 6 grown men laying on there backs flailing there arms and legs in the air.
4)Wii Thumb Wrestling - 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare thumb war.
3)Extreme Pong - As it turns out you just can't improve pong.
2)Wii Fit Olympic Speedwalking - No, no, you loose that was running, your only allowed to walk really really fast.
1)Wii Interpretative Dancing - You can't win and there are no points, you just have to feel it.


melanie said...

Hey, the Amish have a pretty cool way of life. If I didn't want to grow up to be a gypsy, I'd want to grow up and be Amish!
Whenever we camp at our friend's farm, we are surrounded by the Amish community. It's pretty neat to be laying in your tent on Sunday morning and hear the horses clopping down the road. I feel all Amish and nature-y until I unzip my sleeping bag.

Paul said...

Great Post! I used to live around Amish country. We even had a lady come clean our house that was Amish. And their bakeries have the greatest smell on Earth!

Michael Joseph Sharp said...

Ok, Dan. I have been warned now:

I should never, ever look at your blog while at work. When I break out in laughter while working on my computer, people look at me in wonder, ... knowing that I'm not doing serious stuff.

You are flipping hilarious.

Paul said...

I just realized the pic was of interpretive dance. I thought it was "The Crow" from years back and was confused why it was on there! I'm losing my mind...