Friday, December 19, 2008

Questions no one asked

Questions that no one asked. Yep, this is in response to good ol' Rev. Detzels blog.

Question: So when are you going to get a hair cut?

I just got my haircut 6 months ago. Sheeesh, I'm not rich. You know how much money I've saved only getting it cut every 7 years? Seriously do you know? I'm not that great at math.

Question: What is the dumbest thing that you've ever done?

Well thats a hard one. I've done so many senseless things. I would have to say that eating an entire watermelon in an hour has to be up there. That was pretty dumb. I once pulled a car with my hair. It's hard to top that kind of stupidity.

Question: You act like you were home schooled? Where you home schooled?

Yea I was, what are you trying to say?

Question: Are you a Mac or a PC guy?

I can use either just fine. I use 2 PCs and a Mac at work and at home I have a PC. I'm more of a PC guy though. The biggest reason for this is the price difference. Its also much easier to find freeware for a pc.

Question: How are you not married yet? Your so charming?

God only knows.

Question: Whats the most expensive thing that you've ever sold on eBay?

I once sold a concertina for around $2,200. The most expensive toy was $1,000 and the most exspensive book thus far was nearly $700. I currently have a book listed for $2,150 so hopefully I will break my previous record.


Eric said...

Must be a really good book!

Elaine said...

Wow. The hair/car thing is amazing.

Sonja Chandler (The Sideline Mom) said...

Thank goodness you did not cut your hair or else you would not have been able to pull a car with it. Ya know?