Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Wouldn't You do for 3 Million Dollars

What wouldn't you do for 3 million dollars? A friend of told me this story.

It was years ago and he was spending some time in a half way house. At that point in his life he wasn't exactly the ideal citizen. One of his house mates, we will call him Ed, came from a very wealthy family. Ed was 30 and was to receive a 3 million dollar inheritance. In fact, he had been old enough to receive it for over 10 years. But there was a catch. Ed had to be clean. You see Ed was a crackhead and his father knew that if he gave him 3 million dollars it would end in his son's death. So one of the stipulations on the money was that he had to be clean for 2 years. Ed was always just two years away from being rich beyond his wildest dreams but the crack pipe was always much closer. So, Ed robbed banks. He would take a taxi to the bank, rob it, and then take the taxi to the nearest crack house for a fix. A fix, what an ironic word. He was always just two years away.

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