Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Story of the Dumb Spider

There is a spider who lives at my house. He doesn't bite me so I leave him alone. Everyday the spider builds a web. He puts hours of work into his web until he gets it just right. But then, everyday, I open my front door and I walk face first into his craftsmanship, tearing it to pieces. And as I walk away wiping the sticky strands from my face, I think. What is wrong with that spider? He certainly does not lack work ethic. Everyday the spider re-builds his web. A sloucher he is not. What the spider is lacking is intelligence. That spider is dumb as a rock. Why would you continue to re-build something that will inevitably be destroyed? Why does the spider not invest his time and energy in building a web where it will at least last more than 24 hours? That spider needs to work smarter not harder. But alas, he is but a stupid spider whose very days are numbered. He will continue to build his web in my front door and I will continue to destroy it with my face. And then one day the web will be gone and the spider will be dead and I will not miss him because he was nothing but a dump spider anyhow.


Karen said...

We are all creatures of habit. I think the real test of genius here, is WHY do you keep shoving your face into the web, day after day....knowing it will be there? haha Maybe he isn't so dumb. Maybe he is telling all his spider friends, "OK, Watch this one again....ready?" "HAHAHA" "Stupid people!"

Francy said...

I think the spider is hatching a plan to reinforce his webbing because one day he's going to bag that giant long-haired, bearded bug that keeps breaking free from his web. You better watch out, man.