Monday, September 7, 2009

Thats Not very Bachelor of You

So bought a minivan. I have to admit, a mini van was not on my short list of desired vehicles. A motorcycle, yes, a small pickup truck, yes, a mini van, not so much. In case your not the observant type, single guys don't normally drive mini vans. If I was a soccer mom with 4 kids I would a shoe in for the minivan club. I would get decals with my kids names on them and bumper stickers proclaiming how much smarter my kids are than yours. I'm not a soccer mom though, I'm a bachelor and mini vans are not conducive to the bachelor life style. Luckily for me I have no idea what that life style is.

I've been shoving 6-8 kids in my Dodge Neon every week for church. The car is only made to fit 5 so that's a bit of a stretch. If it was up to the kids we would probably have 10 kids in the car and two in the trunk. I should clarify who these kids are. A lot of people get confused and think that I have somehow fathered an entire village. The kids are my neighbors. They call me their uncle, a title I haply accept. Yea, I got a minivan. I guess somethings in life are more important than looking cool.

I found the minivan on craigslist. It's a 1998 Mercury Villager and blue books for $2,925. The guy was asking $1,800 but had just dropped the price to $1,400. I talked him down to $1,300. He was leaving the country and needed the cash. (Side story, he had prayed that morning that the vehicle would hurry up and sell. As an act of faith he tithed $130 that morning. He is a music guy at the big Vineyard so we have mutual friends. Somehow he knows these two guys. When I told him my name he said that he recognized it. He wasn't sure how or why but somehow he knew who I was. My guess he reads this guys blog) The vehicle has automatic everything. The drivers seat can adjust in 4 different ways. The van will be my second vehicle. I will continue to drive my Neon during the week. I will drive the van when I go to church, need to haul stuff around and when I am cruzzin the streets looking for single soccer moms.


Francy said...

I wish I had a minivan.

Kelly said...

I also wish I had an SUV. I miss my SUV.

photogr said...

I have thought about getting a mini van sometimes. It would be nice to have the extra space to move the kids and furniture the wife always finds to buy. Sad part is I would have to trade in my golf cart to get one.

Francy said...

I wish I had a golf cart.

melanie said...

Minivans might be for soccer moms, but haven't you heard how appealing a family man is to women?
This could be just the thing you're looking for...