Friday, August 28, 2009

My First Football Game - Playing with Numbers

So I went to my first professional football game last night. Come to think of it, that would make this my first football game period. I have come to the conclusion that professional football is 95% hype. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it and had fun. My favorite part was the marching band at halftime. I also enjoyed watching the guy that was sitting in front of me. Every time the Bengals made a good play (a rare occasion) he would stand up and do the Incredible Hulk pose. He looked like he was going to go into coronary arrest. I also enjoyed the fireworks at the beginning, watching the smoke billowing from somewhere outside the stadium (I think someone torched a car) and the excitement when that one player ran real far with the ball. I don't know who he was or exactly what he did but I stood up to watch. Ok, let's have some fun with numbers.

- The minimum wage for a rookie in the NFL is $285,000 ($14,250 per game)
- The average wage for a professional cheerleader in the NFL is $50 per game
- There are on average 24 cheerleaders performing for the entire game.
- So... an NFL rookie earns approximately 1200% more per game than all 24 cheerleaders combined.

- A bottle of water a Bengals game costs $4.25 (25 cents per ounce)
- A gallon of gas cost $2.50 per gallon (2 cents per ounce)
- So... bottle of water at a Bengals game cost 1250% more than gasoline.

- The average parking space within one mile of the stadium is $25 per day
- The average size of a parking space is 180sq ft
- The average size apartment is 1,050sq ft
- The average cost of an apartment (in Cincinnati) is $550 per month
- The avereage parking space at a Bengals game cost 832% more than the average apartment.

- I was at the football game
- My brother was at the same football game
- Each of us did not know where the other one was sitting nor did we go looking.
- We ran into each other after the first quarter.
- There were approximately 45,000 people there.
- I actually don't know what the chances of this one are.

- The Bengals are a professional football team.
- Chances of them performing like one this season, unlikely.


Paul said...

Ha! Great post! And I'm sure the chances of you randomly meeting your brother is higher than the chance the Bengals have of performing like a pro team.

Not Too Old said...

I once randomly met my brother at a Rolling Stones concert back in 1981, in the Houston Astrodome. So apparently the odds of meeting your brother at a humongous event are better than any favorite team performing like pros (including the Cowgirls... er, Cowboys).

Michael Joseph Sharp said...

very cool post, dan. I have to agree with Paul about the odds though.

We were season ticket holders up to this year, and many of the numbers you site are the reason why we gave them up.

It is pretty interesting, though, you running into your brother like that. It's almost like there is something greater than us pulling strings. :-D

Mr. Thoms said...

What are the odds of running into your brother two home games in a row though?

Mr. Thoms said...

We are going to the play offs... Therefore we are performing like a professional team!!