Thursday, December 27, 2007


First off, this blog is not about porn so hang with me here. Are you against pornography? You probably are, I know that I am anti-porn. Pornography takes women and turns them into objects. They cease to be people made in the image of God and instead become a means to satisfy primal, sinful, urges. They become a piece of meat. I'm sure that you would agree with my saying that that is wrong. Since we can both agree on that, lets shift gears a bit into everyones favorite subject, music. Because I lack knowledge in the area of todays popular music I will just focus on one artist, Soulja Boy. If you like Soulja Boy, don't stop reading in an effort to avoid the impending sense of guilt that you know will follow the reading of this blog. With songs with names like "Booty Meat" its not hard to see how DeAndre Way (Soulja Boy) views women. Its hard to be more blatantly disrespectful to women than to refer to them as Booty Meat. My favorite song by Mr. Way, however, would have to be Crank That Soulja Boy. Crank That Soulja Boy has a snappy beat and a dance to go along with it. How could a song with such great redeeming qualities be anything but innocent? I've seen many a 8 year old who knows the dance. I guess its too bad that its lyrics include lines like "Then I'm Cocking On Your B***h," "I'm Jocking On Yo B***h A**"and of course the classic line, "Superman Dat Hoe." Those songs share that same view on women as any porn magazine. Women are meat. Are you anti-porn but pro Soulja Boy? Can someone say hypocrite?

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