Friday, November 30, 2007

Top 10 Things to say to a "Pre-Approved Credit Card" telemarketer (one called me this morning and woke me up so I wrote this list)

10. Tell them "No thanks, I already have loads of cash." (this is the one that I actually use and it works every time)
9. Say "That sounds good, now if you could just give me your mothers maiden name for confirmation of identity we can continue getting my information."
8. Keep repeating, "Yes but who is this credit bard?"
7. Ask them if you can get 5 cards because you "love playing online blackjack."
6. Ask them if you can get a card with Abraham Lincolns picture on it. If they say no than accuse them of hating America.
5. Make them explain to you why its called a Platinum card if it is made out of plastic.
4. Ask if they could overnight the card to you because you are binging and just ran out of cash.
3. Ask them to repeat the line about low APR because "it sounded so sexy."
2. Tell the telemarketer, "Sorry, I don't actually live here. From what I've observed the home owners are out of town."
1. Tell them that your planing on filing bankruptcy so the sooner they could get it to you the better.

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Reverb said...

I can't believe this blog has existed for nearly a week and I just now noticed it.

I try my hardest to scour every corner of the internet and a newly developed blog by Dan slips past me for all this time...ugh.