Wednesday, January 7, 2009

100 Life Goals

So in mens group the this last Monday we were asked to write down 100 goals. "It will be easy," says Ryan. "A lot of people can do it in less than an hour." So hear I am, 2 days later, and I still don't have my entire list together. In fact, I only have a little more than half of them. Anyhow, here are some of the ones that I have so far. 10 of them will be completed this year. Do you have a list? Leave a comment with a link to your list or just post your list in the comments.

۩ Bungee-Jump
۩ Finish remodeling my bathroom
۩ Get a new Motorcycle
۩ Finish remodeling my hallway
۩ Read 2 full books a year (yea I know, I don't read much)
۩ Wife (get one that is)
۩ Visit Africa
۩ Visit South America
۩ Eat a new type of meat
۩ Get $500,000 and quit working for a living
۩ Create a youtube video with over 10,000 hits
۩ Have kids
۩ Have some of my comics or illustrations published
۩ Remodel my kitchen
۩ Go rock climbing
۩ Increase giving
۩ Read the New Testament twice this year
۩ Pick up 20 more hitchhikers
۩ Keep my car clean enough that I'm not embarrassed to pick up hitchhikers
۩ Ride a bull (real or mechanical)
۩ Build a fire pit
۩ Have party at my house
۩ Preach at my home church
۩ Eat 1 piece of fruit a week (hey don't judge me)
۩ Waterski
۩ Pay off my house
۩ Break a world Record
۩ Cook more often
۩ Grill out more often
۩ Give an additional $1,000 away this year
۩ Break my highest single item profit record on eBay
۩ Keep my house relatively clean
۩ Be in a movie
۩ Memorize peoples names
۩ Plant a garden
۩ Use my reusable shopping bag more often
۩ Walk more
۩ Be a role model and a mentor
۩ Learn to buy and sell art
۩ Create a 3D piece of art
۩ Ride a 4-wheeler
۩ Be respected
۩ Do the Polar bear plunge
۩ Get a job that I love
۩ Scuba Dive
۩ See the Indian mounds
۩ Memorize more peoples phone numbers
۩ Lead a child to Christ
۩ Bring 12 new people into my church this year
۩ Have a blog rating of at least 15
۩ Stop making fun of the French
۩ Build a deck
۩ Ride and Ostrich
۩ Challenge and Olympic athlete to a game of Paper Rock Scissors

(things that were on my list previously that I completed)
۩ Skydive
۩ Go skiing
۩ Buy a motorcycle
۩ Buy a house


darthmom said...

Can I just say that you lead children to Christ every week so you can cross that off your list! Also, please don't keep your car clean because I'm worried for you to pick up hitchikers. And... one grape doesn't count as a piece of fruit -- just so you know.

darthmom said...

Oh, also -- you totally need to get married and have some kids! We need to find someone for you. Unfortunately I don't know any single women in your age range but you should get all your friends to put on their goal list for 2009: "Fix Dan up with a potential wife."

DanThoms said...

Thanks, oh and I have picked up a dozen or so hitchhikers already. I've also been picked up a few times myself :) I'm thinking bananas. Maybe 10 grapes equals one fruit?

Yea, everyone should have that on their list of goals. One friend did put get Dan a cell phone on his list.

Anonymous said...

I promise to not punch you in the face.

And if you're up for walking, I know some dude who goes out walking at 5 AM most every day...

Anonymous said...

Well I kinda have 2 lists...

I call the big list my things to do before I die

And part of that list includes exploring my own city as a tourist

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting on my list. I see your comment perfectly. I have no idea why you see strange characters when you type a comment.