Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm sure that in school you've been told that one plus one equals two. Well, let me introduce you to a higher math. I encourage one person to come to church, he comes and brings his family which equals seven. I invite two more people. They both come, one brings their family, an additional six people, and the other friend brings his friend. The original person that I encouraged to come invites one more person and they also come. The original persons kids invite two people and they also come. The second family invites an additional family which ads four more people. I pick up three kids. So one plus one equals twenty five and twenty five is how many of those people were at church tonight. And that's just how many came tonight. There are an additional ten people who ended up at the VWS in this same manner. Seven of them come to one of the Sunday services. That brings the total to thirty five, thirty five friends.

I don't invite my friends to church because I'm trying to win a prize or break some sort of attendance record. Before tonight I hadn't given the numbers much thought. The reason that I invite my friends is quite simple, I love them. I bring my kids (not biologically my kids) because I love them. I want them to know what being a follower of Christ can and should look like. It's exciting and its real. This city will be changed, one friend at a time.


Francy said...

You're awesome Dan!

Anonymous said...

you are right my friend. There are much bigger and better things to be done in this city!

rob said...


Doug said...

You are doing good work Dan. I'd join in but I'm pretty sure that all my "friends" already come to church. Except Larry. He lives in Minnesota. Too long of a commute.
Maybe we could work on that tattoo guy?