Monday, December 15, 2008

You've got Questions, I've Got Answers

So on Friday night the Vineyard Westside held its first family movie night, complete popcorn (I thank God that I wasn't the one who had to clean up the popcorn, my row got some of it in their mouth but not all of it.) The movie was Wally and I had 5 kids with me, the oldest being 12 and the youngest 4. I think the ages were something like 4,6,7,8,12. My movie experience went a little something like this.

"Where's Wally?"
"I don't know?"
"Is Wally in that water?"
"Is Wally in that building?"
"I don't know where Wally is. I've never seen this movie."
"Is that Wally?"
"Yes, that's Wally. We need to be quiet now."
"Whats Wally doing?"
"Um, I'm not sure, shhhhh."
"Is Wally a boy robot?"
"Yes he is, no more questions."
"Is this my water?"
"Whats your favorite color?"
"Shhhhhh, I'll tell you after the movie."
"Whats your favorite color?"
"I'm not telling you."
"Is that a girl robot?"
"Yes...... lets go our in the hallway."

For the rest of the movie we ran around in the hallways. I know the answers to a lot of questions. One that I do not have the answer for though is how the movie Wally ended.


darthmom said...

I think Wall-E and the girl robot lived happily ever after, but I'm not sure because I dozed off a couple of times.

Kelly said...

Yes, they live hapilly ever after. They return to earth with the weird people. Did you get to see that part? The part where the people have everything handed to them? They don't even walk.
Your movie experience was much like my voting experience. Things are always interesting when children are invloved.

Doug said...

I was tickled to hear which movie they were playing. I had been wanting to see Wall-E. and I thought it was a cute movie with a few "subliminal" back themes. Sorry you didn't get to see all of the movie, but I bet you eound up having a good time anyway.