Monday, January 21, 2008

Glance at Dans Brain

- If I had alzheimer's I would put a $10 bill in everyone of my pants pockets. Its exciting to find money.

- I don't understand olives. Why are they always stuffed with something. I think the first person to grow olives realize that they were nasty and stuffed them in hopes that people wouldn't notice.

- I saw a girl the other day who was wearing pink plaid pants and carrying a pink camo patterned purse. Does that match? They are both pink. I'm confused.

- If steak flavored dog food really taste like steak than why would I let the dog eat it.

- As I was taking down my Christmas lights last night a couple of girls walking down the street called me a pervert. I didn't realize that taking down Christmas lights makes you a pervert. Things sure have changed since I was a kid. Very confusing.

- Is it just me or does projectile vomiting sound like an Olympic sport.

- If your in a store looking at a cookbook and you see a recipe that you like but don't want to buy the book, take a digital picture of it. I'm not saying that anyone that I know has ever done this, but if they did it would work.

- Is it strange to take a to go plate from a funeral? I was too full to eat dessert but I still wanted to eat some cookies.

- I bought a gallon of ice cream last week. It was multi colored, on sale, and called Superman ice cream. My deep freeze went out and it all melted. Superman ice cream? Yea, whatever.

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carrie doan said...

Actually word on the street here in Vancouver is that the 2010 Olympics will be the first year to hold the projectile vomit event.

People are already practicing on the streets.