Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Friday Friday

It's Friday, Friday, Friday, so of course I'm jamming to Rebecca Black's hit song Friday. Her video is being hailed as the worst music video in history. In just two weeks her video has had nearly 73 million views. She's done interviews with Good Morning America and Jay Leno and made it to number 28 on the itunes download chart. And with almost 1.5 million dislikes, her video now officially holds the youtube record.

And yes, I agree, this video is bad. Lyrically it is the equivelant of an SNL pop parody. But give the girl a break, she's just 13. No one should ever leave a comment on an 8th graders youtube video that says they need to become anorexic. Go kill yourself, really? If Saddam Hussein rose from the dead and made a music video I still wouldn't think it appropriate to leave some of the comments that Rebecca Black's video has gotten. Her video reveals how truly hateful people are when they have a computer screen to protect them. And what do you think she is doing with all the money she is making off of her video? Well, she is donating it to the relief effort in Japan.

Here's the Video in Case You've Never Seen It

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Anonymous said...

people have gotten out of hand, but her donation to the Japanese relief effort is realy awesome