Monday, April 11, 2011

Cincinnati Bell - 5 Star Customer Service

Cincinnati Bell customer support is a phrase that should only be used tongue in cheek. Their so called support is second only to that of eBay.

I give them 5 stars (out of a 100). A brilliant comedy of errors. - Robert Ebert

If you want a call back it may be quicker to just to pay their customer support center a quick visit, in India. If you prefer to stay on hold the estimated wait time is very estimated as it takes at least twice that long to talk to someone. Cincinnati Bell is operated somewhat like a sleazy televangelist in that they take donations. For instance, if like me you decided to cancel your home phone line, they would be happy to take a one time donation of $24. And for that one time donation you get to listen to the same music played on a loop while waiting on hold. In addition you get to talk to a new friend in an exotic land half way around the world. For a company with Cincinnati in it's name you would expect to talk to someone in, say, Cincinnati maybe. Not so much. If this blog entry were written by Cincinnati Bell I would force you to read it 12 times and then transfer you to a better blog.

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