Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Ice Fish

How to Ice Fish:
Step #1 Throw a brick through the ice
Step #2 Light up a blunt, a fatty
Step #3 Drink a few beers
Step #4 Have your woman grill you some food
Step #5 Catch a fish (optional step)

And that my friends is how you ice fish. At least that's the way that it's done according to the stranger who hitched a ride with me while I was eating in the McDonalds parking lot. His lady friend and him were headed to Price Hill and had a good story so I said sure thing hop on in. You know how a lot of places don't take American Express as a form of payment? Well that was kind of the same situation here. The guy tried to pay with weed and xanax but those just aren't my cup of tea (chai is my cup of tea). Side note, how come hitchhikers never have cash but they always have weed? Strike that, dumb question. He said I looked like I that guy in Metallica (he saw them in concert back in 89'). I told him I get that a lot. You know that girl from CSI? Yea, he think's she is hot but just tv hot, he still likes his lady friend in the back seat the best. Believe it or not she used to weigh 105, make that 127, his lady friend that is. As I dropped them off I invited them to church. Who knows, they may show up. They were a bit surprised to discover that I'm a kids pastor. I look more like a pot head. I like strangers.

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Not Too Old said...

Gotta admit you had me going at the beginning. I was totally shocked.