Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things I Like

I like...
• hearing a kid say "watch this"
• chai tea latte at the Refuge Coffee Bar
• talking to strangers while waiting in line
• hearing someone call my name from across the room
• discovering a new niche market that I can make money off of
• hot baths
• laying in my hammock (but not for too long because I get bored easily)
• driving fast
• sleeping in
• leading Kids Church
• making someone smile who is having a rough day
• eating other peoples leftovers
• picking up hitchhikers
• hugs
• my house (even though it is so so messy)
• seeing someone I haven't seen in years and talking with them like we see each other every day
• cheesecake
• getting packaging materials from my friends (it keeps me out of the dumpsters)
• telling stories (I realize that I have way to many and I do apologize)
• going the park with a car full of kids
• and lots of other stuff too

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