Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What I've Learned (from teaching 5th and 6th grade)

Things I've learned from teaching 5th and 6th grade on Wednesday nights at the Vineyard Westside.

1) If you do a craft involving paint one of them will cover both of their hands with paint.
2) If one kid covers both hands with paint at least two more will follow suit.
3) If three kids cover their hands in paint one of them will take it to a new level and paint their face blue.
4) The three with paint on their hands will then smear it all the way down the handrails so that another 10 kids can also have painted hands.
5) No matter what you do one of them will say in a dramatic tone, "Why are you doing this to us."
6) Eight 5th and 6th graders can eat a combined 40 s'mores.
7) If you let them serve themselves ice-cream at least four of them will take approximately 25% of an entire container.
8) They will have licked half of it before you can tell them to put it back.
9) A 5th or 6th grader cannot eat that much ice-cream. Shoot, I can't eat that much ice-cream and I can eat.
10) If you do anything outside at night the neighbors pit bull will be annoyed as will the pit bulls owner.
11) A room full of 5th and 6th graders has more energy than the rest of the church combined.
12) The key to teaching 5th and 6th grade is to take lots of deep breaths.
13) One 5th grade girl can eat 10 s'mores. That's over an entire pack of Hersey miniatures.
14) If they had an anthem it would start with, "look what I can do." and end with, "mine is better."
15) Teaching this class is both mentally and physically exhausting.
16) I have one goal for this class. I want these kids to know that life is bigger than what they want.
17) This will be worth it.
18) This is worth it.


Chris said...

Aren't you glad that you've got my 5th grader AND my 6th grader????? I must say, I felt bad for you tonight after Katie told me that someone painted the TV. YIKES! It takes a special man. Thank you!

Kelly said...

Wow, Jonathan didn't mention the paint. But he didn't have any on him-thank goodness. YOu would tell me if my kid was out of hand, right? Not that I am worried about it or anything.

DanThoms said...

Only some of the girls had um, problems with the paint last night. The boys did surprisingly well. It's all good though.

Jenn in Tenn said...

Good job...great post.

Not Too Old said...

Hang in there, this is one of my favorite posts ever.