Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dream

Last night I had a dream, an odd dream. As soon as the dream ended I woke up and thought to myself, "Perhaps I should write this down." But, I was tired and decided that if the dream was of any importance I would remember it in the morning. And I did. Here is the dream.

Scene 1: I find myself in a large room, a basketball court, a gym. As I later discovered it was a church's gym. Next to me stands a small boy and in front of me is a crowd of teenagers, or perhaps they were kids. I'm not sure. The one thing I am sure of is they were angry and they were violent. They wanted to kill the kid that was standing next to me. I pleaded with them that this was wrong, that they should just leave the kid alone. I stepped in front of the kid but it was no good. There were too many of them. They pushed me out of the way and attacked the kid. Throwing him to the ground they kicked him in his side, beating him mercilessly until he was dead.

Scene 2: It's the next day and I find myself in the same church. This time I'm in a smaller room, most likely a Sunday School room that comes off of a longer hallway. My sister Faith is there and I'm telling her what I saw and asking if I should tell someone. She is apparently more logical than I am and says yes. We walk down the hall and into the church entrance way. I can see people in the auditorium and I'm not sure if church was just starting on ending. I find my father and tell him what I saw. He suggest I tell one of the pastors but since they are not available I tell the person handing out the flyers, she is related to the pastors and that somehow makes her in charge. I pull her aside and tell her what had happened. "I think it happened here, here at the church, I think. " I tell her. I'm visibly upset and a bit disoriented.

Scene 3: I'm in a white van, my father is driving. We are in a caravan of 3 white vans. The other two are in front of us, the one in the very front being different than the others. As we pull up to a small house I look out the window and see 12 white donkeys standing in two rows, staggered inward. They look ghostly. It scares me and I turn my head but when I look back they are gone. I don't remember counting the donkeys but for some reason when I wake up I think that there were 12. The next thing I know we are in the house and something happens. I see something. Maybe a ghost. I'm not sure. I can't remember anything after this point. I can't remember what happens inside the house.

So, what does it mean? Why did I have this dream? Why 12 white donkeys? Why was that kid beaten to death at church? What happened in the house? Any ideas?


Erin Hull said...

Dan it sounds like a prophetic dream to me, you should ask the Lord what it means. I think that if you remember a dream like that so vividly there is a reason why.

Joel 2:28-29

I guess this makes you an old man.

Kelly said...

The Horgan's have a dream book. I'llbe there Friday and will some of these things up.
I know White means purity. And 12 could be from the 12 Tribes. Donkey-I have no idea. I'll let you know what I find out.

photogr said...

I think you need to lay off the medications.

Seriously I don't have a clue.

It appears this small kid may represent the purity and innocence of a particular person.

The gang of kids represents the possible bigots with in a church with hate in their hearts.

Reporting it falls on ears of indifference with in the church.

The vans are modes of transportation as may have been described in Ezekiel.

The 12 donkeys may represent a spiritual meaning and why they vanished may indicate you are not in a good place.

There is not enough description of the house to go on. It could be the house of the Lord or something evil. The Ghost was a fleeting of a spirit with unknown motives.

Next time ask what the house is.

Odd the things we dream of.

Not Too Old said...

Dan, this could be prophetic, and sounds like you've got some great interpretations there. But before you become consumed by this please remember 2 things:

1) If it really was prophetic, then God will give you clarification if you don't get it the first time
2) Sometimes a dream is just a dream - more a product of too much pizza before bed than divine intervention

Take care, brother, and let us know how this quest for enlightenment turns out.

Helen Ann said...

I agree with most of the other comments...This has all the markings of a prophetic dream. Maybe having to do with church leadership and ministry...Another person had one that took place in the church and we later understood what it meant. It was interesting to see it come to pass...

I looked up some of the symbols on this website:


Thing is, some symbols mean different things to different people. For instance, rats usually represent something demonic. But to me, rats are cool pets so they mean the opposite to me...

Be sure to read the 'using symbols properly' caveat on the site and definitely ask God to show you what it means...He knows better than we do. Dreams that are largely negative or rouse fear sometimes come from the enemy. The Holy Spirit's job is to edify and encourage - though I personally believe that God will sometimes give us cautionary dreams.


Donkey: Also Mule: Hard headed; endurance; self willed, single-minded, determined, and unyielding; riding: victory over self will and humility. (Ex. 4: 20; Mark 11: 2; Prov. 26: 3; Num. 22: 25; 2 Peter 2: 16; Hosea 8: 9)


Purity that dispels the darkness; righteousness; God’s majesty; blameless; washed white by the blood; redeemed; God’s glory; white is associated with light and the new heavens and earth; victory; completion; can also be purely evil. (Rev. 1: 14; 2: 17, 3: 4; 6: 2, 11; 20: 11; Is. 1: 18; Dan. 7: 9; John 4: 35; Mark 16: 4)


Divine government and election; apostolic fullness; discipleship; The Church; people of God; united; oversight. (Gen. 49: 28; Numbers 13: 1-16; Matt. 3: 14; Luke 9: 1-2; 22: 30; Rev. 12: 1; 21: 12; Rev. 22: 2; Ex. 15: 27; 29: 15; 1 Cor. 1: 10)

Children (closest I found was baby)

Baby: New birth; barren women pitied; reproductive; ministry in its infancy stage; helpless; new Christian; baby Christian; new move of God; spiritual immaturity; reward; fruitfulness; new covenant; miracle. (1 Corinthians 3: 1; Gen. 21: 6; 1 Sam. 2: 1-10; 2 Kings 4: 11-17; Gen. 16: 1-6; Ps. 127: 3; Ex. 1: 15-22; 2: 1-10; 1 Peter 2: 2; Heb. 5: 13)


Barn: Church; provision; place to stored up wealth; deliverance; workplace; security; plenty. (Du. 28: 8; Luke 12: 18, 24; Prov. 3: 10; Matt. 3: 12; 13: 30)


The church itself; congregation; an actual service; life choices; edification; new body after resurrection. (Matt. 16: 18; 7: 24-27; Luke 12: 13-21; 1 Cor.: 3: 9; 16, 17; 6: 19; Col. 2: 7; 1 Tim. 3: 15; Eph. 2: 20; 4: 12; Romans 15: 2; 2 Cor. 5: 1; Hebrews 3: 4)


The church; or one's own home; person or family; dwelling place; Tabernacle or Temple of God; the true church; heaven; security or insecurity depending on dream; center of the family or family of God; people in the church are the household of God; our present life and its condition; place to relax and be entertained with ungodly things; people in the church are the members of His household; resting place; place to return to; eternal home or heaven; reference to ones character or reputation; place where evil demonic spirits dwell; the human body or body as an earthly tent; our body as a place for God and His Spirit to live. (Luke 11: 24; 15: 6; 2 Sam. 14: 13-24; Ruth 1: 21; 4: 3; Acts 16: 31, 34; Heb. 3: 6; 3: 10-21; 1 Chron. 17: 5; Judges 11: 34; 19: 9; Acts 16: 34; Gen. 14: 14; 8: 9; 2 Cor. 5: 6; Eph. 2: 19; 3: 17; Ecc. 12: 5; Matt. 12: 44; Luke 11: 25; 2: 4; 2 Corinthians 5: 1-10; Mark 13: 34-35; 2: 1, 4-5; 3: 24; John 14: 1-4, 23; 1: 11; Job 30: 23; 2 Cor. 5; 1; Heb. 10: 21; Ps. 119: 54; 122: 1; Ex. 34: 26;13: 3; Prov. 2: 18; Luke 15: 6; 11: 25; 1 Tim. 5: 4; Is. 65: 10)

Have fun with the site. It's fascinating!

Helen Ann said...

And I agree with Not Too Old...Don't get too consumed with it...God will let ya know what it's all about. But have a little fun and learn along the way...It will make future dreams easier to discern (on whether they are prophetic, what they mean or if they're just dreams)...

DanThoms said...

I agree, most dreams are just dreams. I remember a lot of my dreams and most of them are just silly versions of the days events.

This dream was very different. It wasn't frightening. I've experienced a few dreams brought on my demonic forces in the past but those were very easy to discern. I do believe that this was prophetic. This is the only dream that I've ever had that I've thought to be prophetic.

Perhaps things will become more clear as time passes. I've had the strangest feeling lately that I can't quite put my finger on. Something is changing but I'm not sure what. It's all very odd.

Not Too Old said...

You know, maybe since you do so much with kids - perhaps it's the destruction of innocence by those who have lost their childlike spirit?