Thursday, July 23, 2009

Existence - Predestined or Not

Would I exist had my parents never met? Biologically I am a combination of both of their genes but are we related spiritually? Do my soul and spirit share their spiritual DNA? Would my spirit exist in another body had they never found each other? Was I destined to exist one way or another or was this the only way?

I think about these things when I hear people who had premarital sex and in turn have a child say things like, "But it if had not been for them I never would have had my baby." Perhaps they wouldn't have had that baby but would that person have existed anyways, somewhere, somehow. Perhaps not. Maybe it doesn't matter. I don't know. What do you think?


Kelly said...

Very deep for a Friday Dan. I was going to say I have no idea. But then I had a thought. I don't think God looks at our physical body. There is no male or female from what I understand of heaven. Only God knows your true heart and spirit, so I believe that yes, had your parents not have had you, "you" would still exist.

Helen Ann said...

That is an interesting question. In fact it is one that has crossed my mind many times. It was revisited recently with something that we got at our Monday night group that states that God knew us before we were conceived, 'willed us into existence', chose our parents, planned our birth order, etc...

I'm not sure what to make of that...Because that would mean that God willed for an unwed couple to have sex, he willed a rapist to rape someone that then became pregnant, etc...God doesn't will us to sin, does he? He doesn't will for violence to happen to us. He DOES make everything right when it goes wrong, though.

He loves each and every person created, and knows them before they are born...But do our souls exist in heaven before we are conceived? I don't know...That is kind of a mormon belief. They believe that we have Heavenly parents who petition to have us sent to earth and who choose our earthly parents.

My take is that God made us co-creators on Earth, he gave us the power to create other humans and the biological material with which to do it. He doesn't necessarily plan us quite the way this piece that I read states. He told US to be fruitful and multiply, that puts some of the responsibility on us. He didn't say "I'm going to send you some kids to take care of"...We play a part in it. And we have something to do with whether or not other people are born. I believe that the moment we are conceived God knows and loves us and knows everything about us, maybe even adds in some stuff (gifts, talents, etc) as we grow inside, makes plans for what we will be able to do with the gifts - has a perfect vision for what He wants for us to live a full life. But then defers power and choice to us as to what becomes of our lives.

This to me opens up a whole new cool vision of us working in tandem with God, like we get to build something with God. We aren't just pre-planned robots who have no choice in what happens to us. God wants to create with us. Imagine if Rembrantdt gave you a palette and some paints and brushes and said 'paint something!' so you do and then you invite Rembrandt in to paint WITH you...He does and he allows you to be you, doesn't try and take over the painting with his expertise, but gives you grace...even lets you add stuff to what he does...And together you make a beautiful masterpiece. Wouldn't that be cool to have shared in that with one of the masters? And wouldn't the process of painting it, the relationship shared with the great artist be the best part of that painting?

In a way, that's what God does with us. And it speaks to His desire to have relationship with us.

Just my 2 cents...

Not Too Old said...

Well I was going to say you gave me a headache thinking about such heavy stuff, then I read Helen Ann's post, and so maybe not so much.

I think that God has the perfect plan for each of us, which includes the "optimal" parents and birth, but that since we have free will, sometimes - no MOST of the time - we mess it up. But it doesn't matter, because he then just takes the mess we've made and makes it good.

photogr said...

I will have to go with Helen Ann as it makes sense.

Only one problem. Does that include silver backs too?