Sunday, April 26, 2009

You can't eat Sandals

I had the following conversation with a 3 and a 4 year old on our way home from church today. I can't remember who said what but it went something like this.

Me: Do you girls want to go to Biggs and get some free samples.
Little Girl: Yea, I like sandals.
Me: No not sandals, samples.
Little Girl: I have sandals at home.
Me: No not sandals, samples. Samples are small pieces of food.
Little Girl: Do they have straps on the back of them like these?
Me: No, they aren't shoes. Samples, little pieces of food like cheese or meat.
Little Girl: I want some free sandals.
Me: No, not sandals, saaaaamples. They are food not shoes.
Little Girl: Sandals?
Me: Saaaaaaamples
Little Girl: Samples? Oh ok, yea is it nasty food or good.
Me: Um, both.

Ok, so it seemed that all three of us were on the same page at this point. That is until after we left the store and the three year old looked at me with a disappointed look on her face and said, "We didn't get any sandals." Oh boy, here we go again.


Not Too Old said...

All you need is Emily Litella to come on and say "Never mind."

Allayna said...

Hahaha. I bet it was Jade. She's awesome. We dance together in preschool and pick our noses.

Kelly said...

Too cute!

Francy said...

Allayna, that's funny! Dan picks his nose in kid's church every week -- seriously.

DanThoms said...

It's true, I do. Also, yes most of that conversation was with Jade. As for the dancing, Jade and I danced in Taco Bell just last night.

elektra said...

hahahah this kind of miscommunication/audation problematic conversations always occur with me and my parents...AGH!