Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend - Chainsaw Editon

Ok, here is the weekend rundown. Kids, Skyline, Church, Breakfast, Kids, More Kids, Family, Dinner, Chainsaw, Money. In short, I loved Easter weekend.

It all started with a car full of kids (6) and free Skyline chili at the church. How awesome is that? And if you think that's fantastic, I woke up the next morning, got some more kids, and ate free breakfast at church. Bacon, they had bacon people, free bacon. Leading kids church was amazing. I love leading kids church every week no matter how many kids there are. This week though the room was packed and the kids were extra excited. There were so many new faces. I hope and pray that all of those kids get to come back. Kid's aren't just the future, kids are important right now. I believe that with everything in me. I know there had to have been a couple hundred kids there this weekend. Those kids can change the world. Sorry, let me get off of my soapbox.

After church I went to my parents house and spent Easter with my family. Food, theological debate, scrabble (I won, no wait I lost), ham, jokes (I told them my improved Mary goes to heaven joke), candy, ham, dumb conversations that sound like they are off of a TV sitcom (these dumb Seinfeldesk conversations are commonplace with my family), ham and a chainsaw. Ah, so you want to know about the chainsaw? My dad convinced me to climb a 30 foot extension ladder with a chainsaw and cut off some branches. Oh, and by brother and me made a huge sale on eBay. Anyhow, good times folks, good times.


Michael Joseph Sharp said...

I can so see you teaching kids about Jesus.

Francy said...

How much convincing did your dad really have to do? I envision the conversation as something like, "Hey Dan, want to climb a 30 foot ladder in a tree with a chainsaw?" and you say "Yeah!"

Not Too Old said...

That picture gives me the Willies. Was your Mom able to look?

So cool that you lead children's church. I teach middle school, my favorite age to teach about Jesus.