Thursday, October 9, 2008

RIP Sedamsvilles St. Martins German Evangelical Church

"You know that big old red church on River Rd? I live like 5 houses down from it." Ok, so that's how I used to describe where I live. That old red church was St. Martin's German Evangelical Church. Built in 1892, it had seen better days. Having been abandoned for over 20 years it was only a fragment of its once glorious self. Big wooden panels covered the gaping holes that once contained stained glass. The 3 bells in the tower sat dormant, their chimes forever silenced. Even with all of its defects, old St. Martins was still impressive with its Gothic style architecture. So man red bricks.

But today, church is no more. The land that the church once sat on was bought by Arlon Brown, a highly motivated developer. His plan requires him to eventually demolish all of the houses in a 2 block area, replacing them with an 11 story tall, 50 million dollar condo development. So far, if my math and snooping are correct, he owns 45 lots. Unfortunately for him, I have no plans of moving. Have you seen my view? Arlon has, and he'll tell you, its beautiful. Anyhow, here are the pictures of the demolition.

I didn't take this picture

These ones I took

Speaking of took. This is what I rummaged from that pile of a church. Those planks are like eight feet tall. I'm sore. The door handles I got before they tore down the tower. Hmmmm, now to figure out what to do with this 100 year old junk.


melanie said...

BEA-U-TIFUL finds!
Is that the church at Steiner?
I'd like to see some pics of your view that Arlon wants so badly.

DanThoms said...

Thank you. No, this is the church on River. The one on Steiner is a bit bigger. I have a river and partial city view. Here is a pic that I stole from google street.

Michael Joseph Sharp said...

Dan, I love that area. Have often said to my wife, I would live here looking at the river. Drive by it often, and have seen the unfortunate demolition. We live close.

It is sad. Seemed to be recently painted. But, man do we need more condos or what?

I am feeling bitter. Very bitter.

MaLady said...

Those door handles are awesome! Turn them into towel rods, or some other horizontal thing (you're not the decorative quilt hanging type, are you?)

found you at this is reverb...

I have a favorite old decrepit church that is left to my memory too. Alas, I have no photos...

Ma Lady

Anonymous said...

Do you still have the German (Deutsche) Name Stone?