Monday, August 4, 2008

Ak, my car Stinks

Have you ever had break failure? Breaks are an important part of a car. Mine started to sound funny yesterday. Today, while stopped in traffic, one of them locked up. Forward is my favorite direction to drive and I couldn't do it. Not only did it lock up, it fell off. One side of my break pad fell right off. At least when it fell off I could move my car again. That caused me to miss group tonight, how disappointing. At least my dad came to the rescue, again. If my dad were a super hero he would save you and then complain that its hot and your waisting his time. Deep down though, I'm pretty sure that he doesn't mind it so much.


Unrelated story: Yesterday I kissed a frog. It did not turn into a princess. It didn't even turn into a duchess. It was a very small frog but I just figured she would be like 4'11.


Reverb said... should have called me! We were all like, "Where the heck is Dan?"

We assumed you were dead and got on with dinner though.

DanThoms said...

I didn't have your number on me. (note to self, write down Detzels number) I tried calling Andrews cell phone and left a message but I guess he didn't get it.

Unknown said...

yeah -we all missed you. It's just not Monday without Dan, although there was more food for the rest of us.

Have you considered that cell phone yet?

DanThoms said...

No cell phone for me. I just borrowed one. I could have walked to my parents house from where I was though. Plus, I have a thumb.