Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Olympic Games

I don't particularly like sports so its strange to me that I will sit down and watch the Olympics. The Olympics have an almost mesmerizing quality to them. It's us verses the world and we're loosing to the Comies. I most enjoy watching the ADD sports. You know, the ones that take around 2 seconds to complete. I've become quite the expert in synchronized diving. "Wow, thats good synco," I say to myself. "Oh no, too much splash!" I must be a quick learner because this week is the first time I've ever even heard of synchronized diving and already I'm practically an expert. When I was at my parents house, my mom was actually watching the gymnastics. Not only was she watching it she was debating the age of the Chinese gymnasts and agitated that we weren't paying close enough attention to the scores. Like I said, mesmerizing. I just want to leave you with a bulletin, a highly edited bulletin of fiery passion that a friend posted on myspace.

Gosh **** that Alicia Sacramone, its her **** fault that the Americans lost, how the **** are you going to fall on too events..... two **** events that she shouldn't have even been competing on in the first place if chelsie and sam hadn't got hurt.... **** that ****... she's a good gymnast but **** if you can't stand the heat get out of the the **** **** kitchen. Everybody else did their job and baked frinkin masterpieces..... any way beyond that **** subject... china knows good and **** well that those gymnast aren't 16 **** years old..... so what if there passports say that their 16 their **** passports are issued by the Chinese government..... the flippin communist. they want everything to be of perfect perfection, they wouldn't even let a lil girl sing their song because she wasn't cute enough. so they had a "cute" lil girl lipsing the song. thats ridiculous..... china needs to hand over those gold medals that they get because they know that they didn't earn them because their gymnast are freakin ten years.
Screw China

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Carly said...

Well thank you very much for stopping by. We always catch the big fish, that's how the sisters roll, haha. I'll be spying on your blog now.....FYI.