Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Dead Introvert

Sometimes the introvert in me dies. The following is a conversation from a party that my parents had Sunday where I didn't know most of the people. This takes place while getting a plate of food.

Stranger Man: Pardon me
The Dan: I shall pardon you
Stranger Man: Thanks
The Dan: Your welcome. I would hate for you to have to live with that on your conscious.
Stranger Man: Your a very perceptive young man
The Dan: Thanks
Stranger Man: You know who you look like?
The Dan: Who's that?
Stranger Man: Jesus

And that is how I met the pastor of my parents church, the Vineyard North West.


melanie said...

Strange, but I didn't see his picture on your post of people that you look like. I'd add that if I were you.

melanie said...

Okay, I can't find your email, so I have to contact you here. 1) Do you know your web page link has a partially-naked lady on it and it's NOT your web page? 2) The old blog died, silly. My new one is littlegrayhouse.blogspot.com. If you click on my name, it should take you to the new one. So, that, my friend, is what happened.