Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Cookie Story

Over the years my family and I have experienced many humorous meals. You see, we were one of those strange family's who ate dinner together. There were no TVs or video games, just us, the table, and the food. If you've ever eaten with the 7 of us than you are familiar with the fact that we find ourselves to be quite funny. And now, the cookie story.

My mom, at times, can be a bit unaware. She will zone out or get so consumed in what she is doing that she will not pay attention to the small details of life , like for instance, how much of her cookies she has eaten. Faith, my sister, thought that it would be funny to take a bite out of my moms cookie when she walked away from the table, just to see if she noticed. She didn't. So, of course, Phil joined in on the action, another bite, and than another. My dad just nodded his head, "You guys are wrong." This was a fun game, why not take it to the next level, lets make her cookie grow back. Why not replace her half eaten cookie with a new more complete one. Will she notice? Nope. After about 6 bites and 3 separate cookies the truth was revealed. They told my mom what had been happening and she died laughing, turning red in embarasment. THE END


Unknown said...

That is hilarious!

Grace Thoms said...

Why must you always leave out the part about how you were completely involved some time before philip even noticed what was going on. you were the one handing the cookie to faith, and then placing it back on the table. philip pretty much begged you two to let him in on what was going on. you were the cookie handler.