Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Occasionally I will talk to someone who insist that McDonald's food is "nasty." Now granted, "nasty" is a matter of opinion but let's look at the facts. McDonald's sign boasts that they have in fact served billions of customers (68 million per day to be exact). If McDonald's food were nasty how could they have possibly served billions of customers? Whywould that many people buy "nasty" food? McDonald's has over 33,000 locations, of which I've personally eaten at a couple of dozen, and has been in business for over 70 years. How could a company that sells "nasty" food have so many locations and stay in business for so long? The answer is quite clear. McDonalds food is in fact both delicious and cheap. If you say that it is "nasty" than you are only fooling yourself.

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Family Bits said...

Fun post...but really...
1. That sign has been around since I was a kid (and I'm 50 this year), so it's my thought that they processed it a lot differently back then...or at least they were a bit more humane back then, because it was just as cheap to be so...back then.
2. Let's face it, there are a LOT of ...shall we say.... not so smart people in the US, bulking up on McD's. And those who eat McDs often (and their kids) also account for the majority of the food consumed at McDs. You either eat it or you don't.
3. Have you ever seen the woman who has carried around a burger and fries from McD's for a couple years now???? She was on the news and on a few talk shows. She brought out the bag of McD food she's been carrying around. It started as an experiment and ended as a WOW moment for her. The food has not changed in it's look in years, even though it's petrified by now. The bun nor the fries have mold on them. WOW. If that does not at least make you say..."hmmmmmm" then I don't know what will.
But nasty? Still smells good when I pass by it...but yeah, I'd say it's at the very least, unhealthy.