Monday, November 28, 2011

I Got What Ya Want, I Got Wat Ya Need

I'm single and facebook knows it. It's my fault, I told them. Apparently facebook finds this to be a correctable problem though because a high percentage of my personalized ads are for dating sights. "Single and looking?" "Mature women," "Single Parents," they have them all. "Looking for a Relationship in Cincinnati," Yea that's right, they know where I live too. It's my fault, I told them.

But what if I were engaged? How would that change facebooks view of me. Yesterday I changed my relationship status to engaged. And what was the new facebook ad of choice? Credit Cards. I must admit, I found this to be both amusing and slightly disturbing. Apparently facebook thinks that I can't afford to get married. Just in case marriage is affordable facebook has also suggested that perhaps I should also get a new car. I'm not sure about this whole being engaged thing. Being engaged is starting to get expensive and I haven't even found the girl yet. Maybe I'll go back to being single. At least those ads had pictures of unrealistically attractive "girls in my area."

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