Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 10 Things your Facebook Status Should NOT Say

There are certain things that, in my opinion, your facebook status updates should not include. Here are the top 10.

10. The lyrics from any song that has never been played on the radio. How is anyone supposed to know what you're talking about if no one has ever heard the song? It may sound cool to you but to everyone else it just looks like you're writing bad poetry about your depression.

9. Warnings letting everyone know that facebook has decided to start deleting inactive accounts. If you're older than 10 you should know better.

8. Inside jokes. I know you think that you're hilarious but to everyone else you're just posting the babblings of an idiot.

7. Your tragic breakup if it has happened between you and the same person more than once in the last two months. Seriously, get counseling or something.

6. Anything that involves bowel movements. Your constipation is an issue between you and your favorite brand of bran cereal. I understand that it's painful but I really don't want to hear about it.

5. Spam app adds. Enough said.

4. Anything written in Webspeak. I feel like I'm trying to decipher cryptograms when I read that junk.

3. Inspirational sayings more than once a day. I get it, you're inspiring, good job.

2. What the weather is like where you are vacationing. I'm not there and I don't care.

1. The word "Drama." Are you really tired of all of the "Drama?" Please tell me more. No seriously, don't.


Unknown said...
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Faith said...

True. I would also something about people who complain about their jobs EVERY DAY. I get it, but a lot of us have jobs we don't love; it's called being an adult,

Francy said...

Inside jokes are ok if you post it directly to the wall of the person with whom you have the inside joke! And I'm totally with you on the webspeak (Is that the same as text talk?). Seriously, how much more effort is it to type the "i" before "n" when you want to say "in" instead of just typing "n" or the "a" and the "e" when you want to say "are" instead of writing "r"! My other pet peeve: when the teens add extraa lettersss to the woordss for no apparenttt reasonnnn! Whyyyyy? Also, while I'm complaining, the overuse of the exclamation point!!!!!!!!!!! People need to learn the art of subtlety.

Helen Ann said...

I agree with text talk....UGH...

In response to Fran's extra letters peeve: Definitely annoying if used for no reason. Sometimes those are helpful in properly expressing yourself...For instance, if I am shrieking, I wouldn't just write 'eek'. I would write eeeeeeekkk!! Sometimes alot of ending letters also expresses something...Whyyyyy? has a more whiny tone than 'why?'...Used properly these are great expressive devices.

Lyrics no one knows: If a lyric has a good message it doesn't matter if no one knows the song...It's a good message. At least that's why I post lyrics. I'm usually not trying to start a sing-along. :)

Helen Ann said...

My biggest Facebook status peeve is games and app updates. I don't give a crap about anyone's Farmville, how many trees they planted or if they need $5,000 more dollars to buy another field.

Also the little surveys that have become popular lately.

Karen said...

How about: family disputes and arguments. I swear...I've seen it more than once. Just the other day, an adult son posted Happy Fathers Day on his dad's FB page. About an hour later, the dad posted, "So your son calls JUST TO TELL YOU that he is not coming out for summer....happy F'ing Father's Day, Y'all!" To which the son replied, "Get it straight before you start blabbing your mouth!....I SAID "......"
To which the dad replied, "I don't give a ----!"
To which the son replied, "Typical of you. You can (do this) and you can (do that) but you can't (do this)"
Fill in the ( )

I dont even remember the jabber in detail any more, but the idea is there....

Yeah...even if you are RIGHT...YOU look like a jerk for airing the dirty laundry all over FB. Call the JERK and tell him how you feel. The rest of us don't care aside from possible entertainment value.


And one more, Don't post a response on someone's FB status, then ERASE your response. If you're gonna say something, SAY IT.
There's a girl who does that constantly, even on her own status. What's with the paranoia? And leaving me with a response of, "I agree, Susie. When did you do that?" just makes me look like a crazy woman talking to myself. Hate It!

karen said...

As for music lyrics..I agree with Dan, if it is not inspirational music. Sometimes it's just "bad poetry about depression" as he says. And if you are not familiar with the song, I've seen some people continually say to someone, "Did someone leave you?" "Are you ok?"