Sunday, April 25, 2010

Insight from Saturday Night

Insight from Saturday Night

- I don't know how old I look but I didn't get IDed at the bar.

- The later it gets, the drunker people get, the better they dance.
*correction, the more they dance

- I can't dance. If you take be by the arm I will come with you and move slightly but it hardly qualifies as dancing.

- I saw a group of about dozen girls wearing pink wigs. Is this considered normal behavior in Kentucky?

- If I drank (which I don't)I would probably dance more because I would fail to know how terrible I am.

- A girl named Britney and her boyfriend sat down next to me. Britney was a bit inebriated. She kept introducing me to her friends. I shook hands with one girl and she told me that I needed a firmer handshake or as she put it, "do it like a man." Burn. Drunk chick one Dan zero.

- There was a biker guy who thought he knew me. I think he was wrong.

- Daniele does not like me to cross my arms or cough on my hands. I coughing on your arm really the proper way to do it?

- Out of the hundreds of people that I saw I was the only person wearing a yellow t-shirt and I was only one of two people wearing the color yellow. What do people have against the color yellow?

- If you are a decent cover band who regularly plays at a popular local bar you will get groupie chicks. They won't all be good looking and they won't all be sober but they will be your groupies none the less.

- Most German girls are mean. (This is not my theory it's just what I was told)

- Water is free.


Kelly said...

I don't know about the pink wigs. When I lived in Kentucky I never saw any. Doesn't mean they weren't there though. As far as the yellow, I would say the majority of girls wear black. Black makes us look slimmer and goes with anything. Even pink wigs.
I'm German. My kids say I'm mean, but other than them, I don't think anyone else would say that.

Francy said...

Haha Dan! I have many comments:

1) you look older than 21
2) drunker definitely = more dancing
3)If you can't dance and everyone around is drunk, no one cares.
4)Pink wigs?
5) if you drank (which you don't) you would DEFINITELY dance more because you would fail to CARE how terrible you were.
7)Hasn't that happened before? A biker thinks the know you or wants to sell you pot or something??
8)Daniele is right. You cough into the crook of your arm so you don't touch things with your coughed-on hands and spread germs!
9)I'm sure you look lovely in yellow.
10) My brother-in-law Bob Cushing is a local musician and he has tons of groupies. He even married two of them. ...Not at the same time.
11)Don't know about german girls.
12)Why Dan doesn't drink: cost of a typical drink = $8.00; Water = free.