Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I know People (and you should too)

I know a lot of people, probably a thousand or two or three (I'm just making those numbers up) For Christmas one year my sister bought me a shirt that said "People know me" because she said it was fitting. Her theory is that if everyone in Cincinnati either knows me or knows someone who knows me (That's her theory not mine). My mom said if she had something strange about her (referring to my hair) people would remember her too. My mom's obviously the caring sensitive type. (She later partially recanted that statement when she realized it was mean and only partially true) I enjoy knowing tons of people. It's very handy at parties. Today I had a friend who wanted to introduce me to his pastor. He did and guess what his pastor said? "We've met before." Tonight I went to pick up something that I bought off of eBay and ended up talking to the sellers for over an hour. As it turns out I met the guys brother last week when I bought some paintings off of him.

Ok, so now I bet your wondering, "How can I know lots of people?" I'm glad you asked. I've written the following set of instructions just for you.

1) Talk to strangers.
2) Repeat step one lots and lots of times.

See, that was easy. Now you can say things like, "I know a guy who knows Shaq," or "I once met the guy who holds the world record for selling the world's most expensive poker chip." Now go out there and meet some strangers.


Helen Ann said...

I'm the same way...I know so many people that I can hook almost anyone up with someone with common interests, know someone who has skills that someone needs, network people, etc...In fact I'm shocked that "connector" was not one of my top 5 strengths...It has to be number 6!

And I know I am ultra cool for not only knowing The Dan, but calling him 'brother in Christ'!! :) :)

Francy said...

Why do I need to know a lot of people if I know Dan and Helen?

Not Too Old said...

You even know my son - to him you are "the cool dude that sent me a random card."