Sunday, September 20, 2009

Há alguém aqui que fala inglês?

Have you ever been to a party where you didn't know anyone? That doesn't happen to me very often. Last night however, I went to a party where I encountered something of a similar nature. I went to a party where I couldn't understand anyone. Everything was in Portuguese. Now, this shouldn't have been a surprise considering it was a Brazilian party. Side note, I think I would like Brazilian music a lot better if it were in English. (But then again I guess it wouldn't be Brazilian if it weren't in Portuguese. I regress.) Luckily for me as the night progressed the conversations and music gradually transitioned from Portuguese into English. (I think that transition happened because American guys realized there was a party full of Brazilian girls going on). This party had a lot of two things, dancing Brazilian girls and steak. I have one distinct memory that combines these two things. I was looking over at the grill where there was a hot steak waiting to be eaten. In front of the grill was a rather attractive girl dancing. As I sat there I kept thinking to myself, "She's blocking the steak. Ok, move a little to the right. Ok, good now, oh no she's back in front of the steak." I didn't want to push her out of the way but that was some good steak. Side note number two, quite a few people at the party thought I looked like this guy. Huh, who knew, I look Brazilian.

Há alguém aqui que fala inglês?


Anonymous said...

yo, can't see the pic of whom they thought you looked likel

Not Too Old said...

While I'm not a guy, I totally understand the hot steak over a hot girl. A man's gotta remember priorities.
I'm in Manila right now, and went out with the group of folks I'm working with. At first I was a little upset that most everyone didn't want to sit next to me, then my companion who did sit next to me said that everyone just grows weary of speaking English, and wanted an opportunity to talk in Filipino. So then I didn't feel so bad, like I had BO or bad breath or something.

Unknown said...

That wasnt me because I dont dance lol

"Tem alguém aqui que fala inglês?" would be another option. Easier one to ask.