Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Todays Adventure

I live in a house down by the river. Up until today though, I had never gone down to the river. I've walked the tracks a few times but to get to the river you have to climb down another rather tall wall. Today I climbed the wall and walked the banks of the Ohio. Let me just say, its no Miami beach, there is quite a bit of trash down there and the smell is questionable at best. I quite enjoyed my little adventure though. There are some awesome pieces of drift wood down there, some of which I shall drag home at a later date. The coolest thing was the giant sewer pile that I found. I know your not supposed to wonder into strange, dark places but hey, that's what I do. I also found an old ladder that at one time was attached to the side of a train car. It's 5ft tall and weighs a ton. Ok, not a ton but my postal scale says it weights 40lbs. I took it home. Walking half a mile on the tracks with a 40lb ladder do is quite exhilarating. Ha ha, I lie, my neck is killing me. It's not exhilarating at all. I put the ladder to good use though. Now I have an easy way to climb on top of my shed. Its a lovely place to just lie there and stair at the stars.


Helen Ann said...

FUN! Reminds me of the times as a kid when my friends and I would 'go exploring' in the woods that surrounded our neighborhood.

Francy said...

Dan, Did your neck ever heal? I assume it did since you aren't complaining about it in facebook.

sledgeforchrist said...

Instead of looking for drift wood, I would be watching out for drifters who would like to wear that old Air Force fatigue jacket of yours.